EF#1: You are What You Read

Well, I know that it’s too late to make this post and link it back on BEC’s page. I decided to give it a try and just post when idea comes. I will start from beginning and let see whether I can keep posting for this challenge or not. So, here it comes, English Friday as a new tag for my blog post.

While I was riding back home, a classic silver car from famous bookstore and publisher blocked my way. I steadily stopped and let it take its turn. This moment will be pointless if I didn’t notice a tagline that stick on its rear window: you are what you read.

Read is a unique and the special word for me. What makes it unique? In present, past and future form, this verb will always be written read with its unique sound to tell you what form you using with. My thesis for this similar form related to our habit so we should and contend reading as far as we want to remain alive with an insightful and simple rational mind.

I love reading and can spend all my time just for reading, from heart-warming and delightful book, beauty and harmonious magazine, honest and truthful post, vivace and contagious comment, thoughtful and lengthy feature, indigenous and concise roman, sharpness and wholehearted mail to tremendous and well-chosen-word poetry. I appreciate all kind of reading that inspiring and makes myself happier.

Yeah, it’s true you are what you read. So, what are you reading now?


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